Based on the 16th annual Innovation Cities Index city rankings process by 2THINKNOW. Original quantitative method, based on 162 indicators (including consideration of 1000 + data point inputs) per city.

Breadth of indicators covers areas of innovation that 500 cities are focused on. Such as: digital, liveability, smart, economic development, mobility (transport), tourism and trade, place branding, start-ups, sustainability. The city ranking has over a decade of results, making analysis possible. Detailed data is also available to order.


It is a ranking aimed at assessing innovation in cities; Although it does not specify what type, the indicators used seem to address innovation from different perspectives -cultural and leisure, commercial, research, promotional-.

Along with these indicators, there are others of a general nature but that are necessary to assess the city as a whole and the correlation they may have with innovation.

The company indicates that the solutions they offer are based on evidence. However, they do not offer information about the source of the data or the year to which they refer, they seem to ask for an act of faith in their information.

Three dimensions appear in the Ranking but we have not found information on the indicators that make them up.

Since: 2007

Cities: 500

Pillars / Dimensions:

Global Innovation ranking

Indicators: 162

Target group: General