We study 3.5 million companies across 290+ startup ecosystems, combine data from the three leading venture funding databases and then remove duplicates and clean with an AI engine, machine learning techniques, and a manual review.

Additionally, we work with 50+ countries to power and update the data found in our reports and policy consultancy work.

We define a startup ecosystem as a shared pool of resources, generally located within a 60-mile (100-kilometer) radius around a center point in a given region.


It seems like a good Ranking and it will help us make several general comments.

Genome prepares a Ranking focused on assessing the most relevant ecosystems related to Startups. These ecosystems usually coincide with cities, although this is not always the case with Silicon Valley.

As for the methodology, it is very transparent. The battery of indicators seems well directed towards the objective of the Ranking and that gives it coherence, unlike what happens with others whose variables are far from what the name may imply.

The dimensions are weighted - Performance: 40%; Funding: 30%; Market Reach: 12.5%; Talent & Experience: 12.5%; Connectedness: 2.5%; Knowledge: 2.5% - Is that weighting appropriate? For Genome without a doubt, but it could be another and that would change the order in the Ranking. That is why we say that the classification, in itself, is a mere anecdote, what is important is the information collected in the report and the data seen individually, which is what allows each person to make their assessment.

The indicators and their metrics are also weighted. In our opinion there are too many and it can cause more imbalances than benefits.

As with many other rankings, we have not seen the source of the data or the year to which it would correspond.

Finally, there is a methodological change that may affect the comparability between different editions of the Ranking.

Editions: 11

Cities: 240

Pillars / Dimensions:


  1. Performance

  2. Funding

  3. Connetioness

  4. Market Reach

  5. knowledge

  6. Talent and Experience

Indicators: 16

Target group: General, startups, investors