At a time when cities are facing unexpected challenges, our main objective is to create knowledge and innovative tools that generate smarter local governments. This initiative brings together our international network of experts, specialized companies and worldwide local governments.

As people move to the cities in search of new ideas and opportunities, these urban areas are becoming cultural, social and economic global epicenters. Therefore, the smart governance – strategic planning systems, policies, actions, processes and other tools of local governance – has become, more than ever, critical for the creation of sustainable urban ecosystems.

Together, IESE Cities in Motion Strategies and the private sector will play a major role in the development of intelligent local governments that generate more opportunities for citizens.


It is a global ranking. Its methodology is well detailed, both the indicators used and the weight that each dimension has on the final result, with which one can agree more or less, but it is transparent; However, they do not include the years to which the data corresponds.

The report analyzes the results of some of the cities in detail.

It is an index that has been gaining robustness and incorporating new indicators and replacing some of its sources, which could make comparability between one edition and another difficult. Use indicators from other Rankings such as Nomade, Numbeo or 2Thinknow

Editions: 7

Cities: 183

Funtions / Pillars / Dimensions:


1. Economy

2. Human capital

3. Social cohesion Environment

4. Governance

5. Urban planning

6. International profile

7. Technology

8. Mobility and Transport

Indicators: 112

Target group: General