The main aim of this research is to understand what is being done and what is needed to make a city attractive for these talented citizens. There are many partial studies about employment, safety, happiness, expat treatment, economy, cost of living, etc. but none has attempted to give talented citizens an integrated vision of this new world of cities.

This index wants to answer how, within a 4th Industrial Revolution framework, the city is competing to become more attractive for talent, and furthermore to define which elements enhance attractiveness, and what options exist for cities to do so.


This ranking includes an assessment of 175 cities based on the 100 indicators.

It offers an interesting analysis of the most relevant factors on the attractiveness of cities focused on talent and the differentiating factors between them. Highlight the Linkedin analysis that allows measuring employability in each city.

As for its methodology, it is complex and requires careful reading; The weight of each indicator has been determined from the surveys carried out as stated in the report. The report should indicate the year of data collection for each variable to give greater robustness to the results.

Since: 2020

Cities: 175

Pillars / Dimensions:


  1. Magnetism

  2. Identity

  3. Dynamism

  4. Strategy

  5. Profitability

  6. Performance

  7. Net Purchase Power

  8. Attractiveness

Indicators: 100

Target group: Talent